OG Kush Breath Livest POD


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From its floral aroma to its vanilla taste, there’s no wonder why OGKB will be the newest talk on the block. This newest Livest gives off head-to-toe effects of hazy euphoria and long lasting treatment from stress to chronic pain. From its indica dominate hybrid profile OGKB will surely chill your mood and bring you to a positive headspace!

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About this strain: OG Kush Breath (OGKB)

Whether they call it OG Kush Breath or OGKB, most sources agree that this strain is some version of GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies), maybe crossed with OG Kush and Durban Poison, or maybe just a phenotype — depending on whom you ask. OG Kush Breath reportedly leans toward the sativa side of the spectrum, packing a floral aroma and earthy flavor profile with chocolate undertones. These plants are said to grow well indoors or outdoors in a hot, humid climate, producing dark and pale green buds with curly orange pistils and a dusting of trichomes.

Seeds of OG Kush Breath aren’t available online, but clones are.

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